The Split End Salons Have Four Design Levels:
Designer, Artistic Designer, Master Designer and Elite Designer.

Each design reflects our unparalleled service standards and guarantees each client the best service possible. Elite Designers have their own pricing levels. Please ask for details.


Full Service Haircut - Includes Wash, Cut, & Style 

Women's Cut $30-50        
Men's Cut $26-36        
Bang Trim $6
Kids Cut (Age 1-7) $20     
Kids Cut (Age 8-11) $23

Color Services - Includes Treatment, Wash, Cut, & Style

Add-on Services (Hair cut not included)

Mini Foils (10 or less) $51 -85+
Pravana Vivids Color $30-39+
Men's Camouflage Color $20-25+
1 Power Dose $15
Smart Bond $25
Conditioing Mask $7

Women's Color $81-105+
Men's Color $70-86+
Crown Foil $95-124+
Crown Foil w/ Multi-Dimension $115-149+
Crown Balayage/Ombre' $115-149+
Crown Balayage/Ombre' w/ All Over Color $152-190+
Full Foil $114-149+
Full Foil with Multi-Dimension $134-169+
Full Balayage/Ombre' $134-169+
Full Balayage/Ombre' w/ All Over Color $170-215+
Full Bleach Blonde & Glossing Service $114-149+
Full Bleach Blonde (No Gloss) $95-124+

Special Occasion Hair

20 Minute Airwave $18-26
30 Minute Airwave $26-36
40 Minute Airwave $30-47


Updo's $55+
Bridal Rehearsal Hair (1/2 hour) $30+
Thermal Styling $30+
Pinning Pieces and/or Braiding $30+

Waxing Services  

Brow $15
Lip $12
Chin $12
Combination (Brow/Lip/Chin) $30

Stylists who offer facial waxing:
[Mill Creek] Terri, Nikki, Randee, Carmen, Anneke
[Mukilteo] LaDawn, Erica, Alison, Martha, Nicole

Extension Application

Full Head Application 30-40 Sets $199.00
1/2 Head Application 20-30 Sets $140.00
Application 1-20 Sets $7.00 per Set
Re-Tape $7.00 per Set
Remove Extensions $5.00 per Set  

*$12 per set to re-adjust ($5 removal + $7 re-tape)*

HotHead Extension Hair 

10"-12" (20 pack) $175.00
14"-16" (20 pack) $205.00
18"-20" (20 pack) Colors 2-23 $275.00
18"-20" (20 pack) Colors 24-613 $299.00
Mini Pack 14"-16" (12 pack) $125.00
Fantasy Pack 16"-18" (12 pack) $155.00

   Extension FAQ

How Long Does The Hair Last?

8 to 10 weeks varying on hair growth. This is recommended to eliminate matting, frizzing, and
tangling, and ensures the extension is always fresh and close to the scalp. They can be reapplied up to 3 times for a total of about 8 months; this is recommended so that the extension bond remains seamless.

Where Does The Hair Come From?

It is 100% cuticle on remy human hair usually from India. The extension itself is hand made in China with products from Asia, Europe and the U.S.A.

Is It Human Hair?

The regular extensions are 100% remy human hair. Fantasy colors are a blend of temperature safe synthetic and human hair.

Can You Color It?

We can deposit down two-three levels. We do not recommend we lighten the extensions.

The Split End Salons Hair Extension Service and Application Policy.

During the consultation appointment, we will discuss your styling options, extension length, color and application pricing. We will also educate you on which extensions are best for you and why. After you have made your decision, we will custom order the extensions and make your appointment for the application. At this time we require that you pay 100% of the Special Order.

After purchasing the extensions from The Split End Salons and the application has been completed you will receive any remaining hair. The Split End Salons cannot be responsible for any damage to the extensions after you leave the salon. We recommend you visit us every 8 to 10 weeks to refresh your beautiful look.